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About Us

“My engine light is on.”
“My car is rough in traffic lights.”
“I have trouble starting my car in the morning.”
“What should I do?”

These are common problems we hear - and fix every week.
Whatever the problem is, we can help you.

Who we are

Hoppers Auto Care is owned and operated by Alex, lead mechanic in the workshop.
Alex has over 21 years of experience in auto repairs. He’s run his own auto repair businesses since 2009 and before that, he completed his apprenticeship in other workshops, including a large car dealership.

Auto Services

Loan cars available: for your convenience

“Super honest, super knowledgeable and super nice. I have been to these guys numerous times about my car to the point that even if I have a question I would rather go and ask them than risk it. Just today, I went to see them about my car because the light for the oil change has been going on. I changed the oil not too long ago myself and instead of doing something about it I continued driving it for 3 months and only today I decided to go and do something about it. Alex had a quick look at my car and figured the problem within seconds. Him and his team were able to get to the end of the problem within minutes and I was soon out of the door. Thank you guys so much, I'm so grateful for all the comments you gave me today and keep up the good job.”  Losene Dulleh

Our approach


We take the time to listen, because you drive your car regularly and know what feels ‘normal’


We give you suggestions on how to deal with minor issues - we confirm these when you bring your car into the workshop

Fixed quote:

You need to know exactly how much you’re up for - we give you fixed prices according to your car’s needs. We always honour our prices.


It’s not enough to drop your car off and pay your bill when we’re done. We’ll talk you through your safety report complete with videos and photos of your car in the workshop. 

“The guys at hoppers auto care were honest and reliable they diagnosed the issue and did the job at the best price. I will definitely come back and recommend them to all my family.” Alex Mary 


Hoppers Auto Care is:

  • Accredited by VACC (Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce)
  • A VicRoads Licensed Vehicle Tester

To maintain these privileges, our workshop complies with all Victorian health and safety regulations. We follow strict processes to give you a fair, informed, and high quality service.

Type of cars serviced

  • Petrol
  • Diesel
  • LPG
  • Local and foreign cars
  • 4WDs

Areas serviced

  • Altona Meadows
  • Laverton
  • Point Cook
  • Seabrook
  • Tarneit
  • Truganina
  • Werribee
  • Williams Landing

“We will show you what we’ve done with your car through videos and photos of your car in the workshop. We’ll talk you through the work so you understand exactly what you’re paying for.”  Alex (Owner of Hoppers Auto Care)

Your trust is everything to us. Thank you for putting your trust in Hoppers Auto Care.

Trust is earned - we’ll help you understand exactly what you’re paying for.

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